2021 Recipients

Adrina Player

Hometown: Compton, CA 

Age: 14

Goals for 2021: I want to do the .90m by the next show then move up to the 1.0m jumpers. I also would like to be a horse owner this year. 

Amanda Gomez

Hometown: Norco, CA

Age: 17

Goals for 2021: I look forward to getting my young horses in the ring and getting my eight-year-old thoroughbred jumping at the 1.30m-1.35m level. I also hope to jump back into the 1.45m and maybe have my first grand prix win at West Palms Events!

Carly Ramsey Richardson

Hometown: Norco, CA

Age: 24

Goals for 2021: My equestrian goals are to develop my eight-year-old up to the grand prix classes and get some exposure for my five-year-old that I bred and raised.

Chloe Hargrave

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Age: 16

Goals for 2021: My goal is to get my OTTB confident and consistent in the show ring. I am also excited to continue my journey in the United States Pony Club. I am hoping to achieve my H-A National level Horse Management rating as well as my C-3 Riding level rating.

Eniko Barber

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Age: 13

Goals for 2021: I want to successfully show in the 1.0m division and begin riding in the 1.10m jumpers.

Kayla Beals

Hometown: Burbank, CA

Age: 19

Goals for 2021: My riding goals include showing consistently in the hunters and getting into the jumper ring as well. I would love to compete in my first USHJA National Hunter Derby and 1.20m jumper class.

Molly Stewart

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

Age: 17

Goals for 2021: My goals are to carry over my success in the Junior Hunters and compete in Junior Hunter Finals. I want to start competing in USHJA National Derbies, qualify for multiple medal finals, and make the most out of my last junior year.

Morganne Craig

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 13

Horse related goals for 2021: My goal is to compete in the 1.0m and 1.10m jumpers as well as the PCHA and CPHA Medals classes.

Rory Nichols

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Age: 17

Goals for 2021: My goal is to continue to pursue my dream of riding and competing and this year will be my first time at West Palms Events horse shows.

Skylar Wireman

Hometown: Bonsall, CA

Age: 16

Goals for 2021: My goals for 2021 are to bring along my younger homebred jumper and compete with my new horse in the 1.40-1.45m jumpers and small grand prix classes. My big goal this year is to qualify for the North American Young Rider Championships (NAYC) and Prix De States. I also want to compete in the indoor medal finals including ASPCA Maclay, USEF Hunt Seat, WIHS, as well as other finals in California. 

Trent McGee

Hometown: Granada Hills, CA

Age: 18

Goals for 2021: I hope to successfully compete at the National Grand Prix level with aspirations of qualifying for the North American Young Riders Championships.

Zoie Brogdon

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 16

Goals for 2021: My horse-related goals for this year are to compete in the 1.15m and 1.20m jumpers. I would also like to start competing in equitation to improve my skills for jumping. 

Dinnia DiGennaro

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Age: 25

Goals for 2021: My goal is to show in U25 grand prix classes and to win a USHJA National Hunter Derby.

Dakota Slaughter

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Age: 17

Goals for 2021: I hope to show in the USHJA National and International Derbies and 3’6” Junior Hunters.

Internship Grants

Because West Palms Events received so many outstanding applications, in addition to the Michael Nyuis Grants we have awarded three internship grants for 2020. Kayla Long and Rachel Long are this year’s recipients and they have been awarded special credit at select West Palms Events shows. 

Kayla Long

Hometown: Horseshoe Bend, ID
Age: 18
Goals for 2021: My goal for 2021 is to compete at Junior Young Riders!

Rachel Long

Hometown: Horseshoe Bend, ID
Age: 20
Goals for 2021: I would love to compete at the NAYC and USHJA Young Horse Championships.

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